Bamboo Weaning Set

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Colour: Blue
Product Description

Made with natural bamboo & food grade silicone. Naturally anti-microbial, free from BPA, Phthalates & PVC

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Care Instructions

Bamboo is not suitable for the dishwasher or microwave. To clean, hand wash in warm soapy water with a non-abrasive sponge. Apply a regular coating of coconut oil to keep bamboo supple & moisturised.


  • Strong Suction Base

    Enjoy less mess at mealtimes with a strong suction base - available with all bamboo tableware.

  • Matching Weaning Sets

    Our bamboo tableware is available in a full matching set; all ready for super cute images to post to the gram.

  • Sustainable

    Go green with sustainable tableware; our bamboo collection won't be hanging around after use and polluting our environment like plastic.

  • Designed for Immersive Mealtimes

    If you're looking to engage your little one more during weaning, look no further than our fun plate options. Designed to create a love for nutritious food.

The Must-Have for Weaning

A strong suction base is a life saver for any parent weaning their little one. That's why we've spent endless hours developing tableware that will stick to your baby's high chair like glue...

Help them to Develop Independence

Nurture them during weaning with our feeding sets; includes everything you need to make a success of mealtime.

Don't just take our word for it...

Are bamboo plates safe for babies?

Designed as a safer alternative to plastic tableware, our weaning set is made with natural bamboo that is tested to LFGB & FDA standards.

Is bamboo dinnerware toxic?

Made with all natural food grade materials, our bamboo products won’t leach harmful toxic chemicals into your little one’s food. Our bamboo is naturally anti-microbial, making it a safer way to wean your little one.

Are natural bamboo plates worth it?

The benefits to using bamboo tableware far outweigh the extra upfront cost. Not only is it safer to wean with bamboo as opposed to plastic, once you’ve finished with it it will have decomposed within 10 years.

How long does bamboo dinnerware last?

Correctly following the care instructions will ensure your bamboo set lasts for several years. It is one of the strongest hardwoods making it an ideal material for toddlers who love to throw things.

How do you clean a bamboo suction plate?

We recommend hand washing your bamboo set with warm water, using a non-abrasive sponge. Applying coconut oil once per month will ensure the bamboo is supple to last longer.

Can bamboo bowls be sterilised?

Our bamboo products are not suitable for sterilising. Due to the naturally anti-microbial properties of bamboo, simply hand washing the tableware after each use will ensure its kept clean for the next mealtime.

What oil do you use on bamboo plates?

We recommend either coconut oil or beeswax to replenish the coating on our bamboo products.

Do bamboo plates stain?

Providing the bamboo is washed after each use and care instructions are followed, our plates & bowls shouldn’t stain as a result of food.