Welcome to Bubba Bear. 

We believe your little one deserves to thrive at weaning and develop the wonderful skills that relate to this magical time. Expect your bubba to develop independence, coordination & social skills in the weeks ahead.

As parents like yourself, we understand the apprehension you may have going into this stage. That’s why we’ve specially designed a range of practical tableware that is safer for your little one. Unlike plastic, our products won’t leach harmful toxic chemicals into your baby’s food. 

Our range has been designed with practical elements too. We get it, cook feed clean repeat can be exhausting, so our products feature suction bases & easy clean designs. You’d prefer not to waste an evening getting Bolognese off the walls, so spend less time cleaning and more time with bubba.

Sustainable parenting goes further than a hybrid SUV, as you’ll find our products are better for the environment too. You’ll even have bragging rights at the next baby/toddler club as some of our products are recyclable. We’re just as focussed on helping your little one develop today and as we are ensuring their tomorrow.

We’re constantly designing & testing new products to make the most of this wonderful, so be sure to sign up to our mailing list for all the latest updates. Feel free to stay a little longer and explore our brand. If you have any questions about our products and how they can help your little one, please do get in touch with the team.

We wish you a positive weaning experience you’ll look back on with absolute fondness.

Bubba Bear x